Underwater Pool Mats

What’s an Underwater Pool Mat, you ask? Good question! It happens to be one of our most unique offerings to date.

An underwater pool mat is a specially designed and printed vinyl mat that allows you to change the look of your pool floor. Underwater pool mats are easy to install because you don't need to drain your pool or use any adhesives. Simply drop the mat into the pool, position it where you want it to be, and flatten it out. That's how quick and easy it is!

Make a splash at your next backyard party or corporate event with one of our pre-designed pool graphics or customize one with your own graphics or logos!

  • Mats sink right down to the bottom of the pool and are easily removable when you want to place your next one in
  • Once you put your Underwater Pool Mat in place, it will not move until you want to take it up
  • No need to remove the Underwater Pool Mat when using an automatic vacuum
  • Safe in the pool
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