Bars and Locations

How the SWCL works is first you need to find a partner to create a 2-man team, think of a name for your team. Once you have selected team name please choose a bar that you want to throw for. There are 8 locations to choose from and each bar can have a max of 10 teams. Make sure you show up to every match to accumulate points to get into the top 16 team tournament (*GRAND PRIZE IS $2,000)

1.Michael D's / Demarios - 1411 Whipple Ave. NW Canton, Ohio

Team1: ACA
Team2: O Big Danny
Team3: Gretta and Michelle
Team4: Ungashick/Berner
Team5: Lindower
Team6: Schumacher/Humpries
Team7: Lord Vader's Hole Patrol

2.Royal Docks Brewing Company - 7162 Fulton Dr NW Canton, Ohio

Team1: Lindrk
Team2: Son of Pitches
Team3: Bagnificant
Team4: Skycatchfire
Team5: TnD

3.Johns Bar & Grille - 2749 Cleveland Ave. NW Canton, Ohio

Team1: Burchy Baggers
Team2: Johns Bar
Team3: OFF Much
Team4: Hole Lotta Love
Team5:  #fatlivesmatter
Team6: SnS

4.Toddy B's Sports Restaurant and Lounge - 2700 Easton St NE Canton, Ohio

Team1: Black and White
Team2: ToddyB and Z
Team3: Blac Star

5.Nathan's Patio Bar and Grill - 725 30th St NE Canton, Ohio

Team1: RC Holers
Team2: Hole Destroyers
Team3: Insertion
Team4: Hole Fillers
Team5: Suz & Rach
Team6: The Pickles
Team7: The Wrongholers
Team8: Tree and Stump

6.The Barrel Room - 7901 Cleveland Ave NW, North Canton, OH

Team1: Shut Your Cornhole
Team2: Rings of Fire

7. Tim's Tavern - 3323 Parkway St NW, Canton, OH

Team1: Big Guys
Team2: No Hole For You
Team3: The Master Fish Fryers
Team4:  Hardcore Cornography
Team5: Danny Jones & Kacy
Team6: Jim Nickol/ Larry Moffitt

8. Primavera's - 5382 Fulton Dr NW, Canton, OH

Team1: Dawg Nation

*Tournament Pay out: If we have 100% participation from 8 bars with (10) 2-man teams making 160 player league the prize pot would be $8,000 by the end of the 10 weeks. All of the money will be disbursed to the players at the end of year tournament. The place you finish in will determine the amount you will win. Slick Woody's will not know the exact amount until after the first night when all teams and money is turned in and we can create the master schedule.