Rules for the league

  • Games are self officiated. We are all adults and the game has very few rules.
  • Format is 2-on-2. MEN OR WOMEN OVER 21.
  • Teams will play 4 games every night. 
  • Games are a race to 21 using cancelation scoring.
  • *Boards will be placed 27 feet apart from the front tip to tip.
  • Teams are responsible for keeping their own score on SW provided score sheets and turning into the bar at the end of the night with the money for all players.
  • Games start at 7pm SHARP
  • The first 4 teams will start at 7pm when a team wins the next available team is up. Write your team down in the order you start the first round. Then follow that order for the following 3 rounds.
  • After each game write in your score and after the fourth round total up your points and fill in your total for the night.
  • The Home Teams SWCL Bar Captain will put the score sheet with the money in the SWCL envelope and give to the bar manager/owner at the end of the night. 

    Player responsibilities:  Players must pre-register here or you can come to Slick Woody’s Headquarters located at 7579 Freedom Ave North Canton, Ohio 44720 9am-4pm. FREE REGISTRATION FOR THE 2016 WINTER SESSION. Then each week, each player will pay a $5 weekly fee that will go towards the end of the season tournaments.

    *Tournament Pay out: If we have 100% participation from 8 bars with (10) 2-man teams making 160 player league the prize pot would be $8,000 by the end of the 10 weeks. All of the money will be disbursed to the players at the end of year tournament. The place you finish in will determine the amount you will win. Slick Woody's will not know the exact amount until after the first night when all teams and money is turned in and we can create the master schedule.

    SWCL Bar Captain: Each bar will appoint a "Captain"

    Subs and extra teammates:  We strongly suggest keeping in mind a few extra players that you could call if you needed a sub. The $5 weekly fee is still required that night from your sub.

    FORFEITS:  Please don’t forfeit try to have a sub ready. Your teammates and opponents count on you to have a full team and competitive game. Game time is forfeit time. If you forfeit you still owe the $10 team weekly fee the next week. If you are first to throw be there 15 mins early. If you see that you throw 2nd your team needs to be there early incase a game is done in two turns. You never know the speed of a game, so come early and stay late. Every forfeit will be tracked on the site. If your team forfeits 3 times they will be excused from the league without refund.