Fast facts about Slick Woody’s.

How will my cornhole boards be shipped?

We ship our boards through FedEx.

How quickly will my cornhole boards arrive?

Standard shipping is 3 – 5 business days. For faster shipping, check out our quick ship boards.

What’s the difference between regulation (tournament) and tailgate size cornhole boards?

Regulation (or tournament) size boards are 4’ x 2’. This is the standard-size board used in professional cornhole events. Our tailgate size board is a little smaller, 3’ x 2’, and easier for transporting if you frequently play on the go.

Why do Slick Woody’s cornhole boards cost more than some boards I’ve seen?

You can definitely find a cheaper cornhole board, but we don’t make cheap boards. When deciding where to buy cornhole boards, consider this: our goal is to make the best quality boards on the market, offering years of consistent play.

We only use Baltic birch for the top because it’s the smoothest, flattest plywood available. Our regulation (tournament) board frames are cabinet-grade popular, and all our boards are reinforced with a crossbar to eliminate sagging in the middle of the board.

Because we apply vinyl directly to the board, rather than using a wrap, the surface will be the same no matter what the temperature. (Vinyl-wrapped boards can become slippery in the cold and sticky in the heat and humidity.) We use pocket screws to hide all hardware and have even added handles for easier transportation. 

Can Slick Woody’s customize my cornhole boards?

Absolutely! Custom boards are our thing. We offer regulation (tournament) custom boards, tailgate custom boards and all weather tournament size boards. Whether you have a specific design or want to commemorate an event with personalized boards (weddings, graduations, corporate gatherings, family reunions), we can make it happen. Just upload your art file, and we’ll use UV-resistant inks to apply it to the surface of the boards.

You can even choose to use one of our cornhole designs as a background for your art. Many customers use our wood designs as backgrounds, and they look amazing!

What bag fills does Slick Woody’s offer?

Slick Woody’s makes classic corn-filled cornhole bags, resin-filled bags, all weather resin-filled pro bags, all weather light up bags and Pro Touch bags.

Corn is the classic cornhole bag fill. Ours are made from 10 oz. duck cloth, and we make the best corn-filled bags for the money.

Our resin-filled bags allow for more consistent gameplay, since resin does not eventually break down like corn.

Some of our bags use two different materials that help the bag slide or stop. Use whichever side supports your strategy!

Our all weather light up bags contain resin pellets and a long-lasting, waterproof LED light module. They have the same weight and feel of regulation bags.

The Reynolds Pro Edge Speed bags are filled with resin and come with a polyester side for fast sliding and a secret “carpet” side for medium slide.

What are all weather cornhole boards?

Our all weather cornhole boards are 4’ x 2’ regulation (tournament) size boards made with Trex, the No. 1 composite decking material in the nation. These boards are weatherproof, meaning they won’t absorb moisture. This allows you to leave your boards outside without fear of damage from the elements. Pair with our all weather bags or our all weather light up bags.

How can I transport and store my cornhole boards?

Our carrying cases make it easier to transport your boards. You can store your boards in the cases to protect them while not in use. We also offer bags for your accessories. It’s best to store corn-filled bags away from animals or moisture.

How do you keep score in cornhole?

What are the rules of cornhole? How do you keep score correctly? We answer all your questions about cornhole rules and scoring in our blog post. To make scorekeeping easier, we offer options like scoreboards and a Bluetooth cornhole scoreboard and speaker. You can also receive a FREE copy of Slick Woody’s Cornhole Rules.

What other leisure games does Slick Woody’s offer?

We make washer toss games, which are great for tailgating. Speaking of tailgating, we offer Slick Woody’s tailgate tables for adult games or serving food.

How can I get discounted Slick Woody’s cornhole boards?

We offer used cornhole boards at a reduced price. These are for bargain shoppers who don’t mind using board with “experience.” Because these are from our customers who’ve purchased new, and our inventory changes all the time, you don’t get to see these boards before purchase. But we guarantee these are quality Slick Woody’s 4’ x 2’ regulation (tournament) size boards.