Why Slick Woody’s

There are cheaper boards out there, but we don’t make cheap boards. Here’s why.

We love playing cornhole as much as you do, so we only produce quality cornhole boards so you get the best playing experience. The materials and construction really do make a difference.

The Best Materials = Better Playing Experience

We only use Baltic birch tops, the smoothest, flattest plywood available. Then we apply a proprietary, heat-pressed vinyl laminate directly on top. Some cornhole boards use a vinyl wrap. With a wrap, when it gets cold, the bag slides off. And when it’s hot and humid, the surface is sticky. With our process, you get consistent play no matter what.

Our regulation (tournament) size board frames are cabinet-grade popular with an added crossbar for reinforcement. The crossbar eliminates “bowing” of the board surface. Using a wood computer allows us to make the finest, cleanest cuts.

All of our hardware is hidden, so there’s no interference there, either with play or appearance.

Custom Options

Slick Woody’s offers a wide variety of cornhole board designs, but we also make custom cornhole boards. If you have a design you’d like to use or need personalized or branded cornhole boards for corporate events, weddings or other memorable moments, we can make it happen.

Easier Transportation and Storage

Our boards have built-in handles, and we offer carrying cases for protection. We also make a smaller-size board (tailgate) for those who typically play cornhole on the go.

Better Bags

We sell the best cornhole bags for the ultimate playing experience. Did you know bags can affect strategy? Our all weather, resin-filled bags are two-sided, pro-quality. The cotton twill side is perfect for sliding, and the microfiber side sticks where you throw it.

Shop cornhole boards and accessories or contact us for more information.