IPG Mission

IPG Mission

At IPG, it is our mission to deliver the highest quality products with the fastest production time in the industry. We know were not the only only company to provide the services we offer, but we can guarantee no one will go as far as we will to meet your deadline. We stand firmly behind our premium quality products. We have spent countless hours tweaking our production process and end product to provide you with merchandise you won't have to return! At IPG this is something we are extremely passionate about. Whether you ordered shirts for embroidering or you've placed an order for a Slick Woody's cornhole set, we deliver your final product on time and on point every time. 

Please enjoy browsing our site. If you have any questions or comment regarding our company, or suggestions you may have concerning our website we encourage you to contact us via email or call our North Canton office at 330.498.8401. Stay connected at IPG with social media or by checking back on our website periodically to see.....  WHAT'S NEXT!

"I'm about quality. I didn't go into business to staff a return department."                                                                                                                                                   -CEO/Owner Mike Blate


"Slick Woody’s Cornhole Boards are the most consistent playing surface in the industry and the graphics are second to none."

                                                                  -Matt Guy 5 time World Cornhole Champion